"It Can't Not Work"

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How It All Started...

It all started when we met in a gym way back in 1985. We had already fallen in love with fitness and then we fell in love with each other.

We have competed in fitness and bodybuilding competitions. Rich owned a fitness center, and Robin has taught workout classes for more than 35 years. 

Two kids and many, many years later, we are still doing it...but we aren't 22 anymore. Over the years we have had to adjust our workout routines so we can continue to stay at it. We are fitness enthusiasts and trainers, but more than that, we are people who live it and love it. We want to share our knowledge and experience to help you live you bet more fit and just feel better.  From our home gym to your home, we thank you for taking the time to join us. We firmly believe that being fit gives you the confidence to do almost anything. If you do can't not work. 

Rich and Robin on Health, Fitness and Life

Rich joins me on my podcast, Living Well with Robin Stoloff, from our home gym.

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